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Your View: Coverage balanced and honest

I READ with interest the letter Hold Ellis to account by Sam Nicholls of Lochiel (28-7-2020).

Sam is critical of the YP Country Times — after printing Fraser Ellis’s statement in full — of failure to provide comment from any other source. Sam, is not the publication of your letter (and others) proof of impartiality?

You also comment on a front-page “glowing photo” of Mr Ellis detailing how lovely YP is. What changed? Is the YP now not lovely because Mr Ellis’s photo appeared?

You then criticised the YP Country Times for not questioning Mr Ellis more deeply. In view of ICAC Bruce Lander’s involvement, I would have thought that the paper was prudent, and fair, in not commenting further.

You then made the cynical comment about the ownership of the paper by Mr Ellis’s father and a veiled comment that suggests that democracy was not being served. Fraser Ellis will be fully investigated by Bruce Lander in spite of his father’s ownership of the YP Country Times, which in my view has given a balanced, honest view of this whole sad affair.

What happened to the term “innocent until proven guilty”?

The truth will be brought to light by the ICAC investigations in spite of comments (as are your fundamental right) you might suggest are biased.

Jeff Sutton, Balaklava

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    Sam Nicholls Wednesday, 05 August 2020 19:16

    I was glad to see that following their initially awful coverage, the YP Country Times did a great job the following week.

    I wrote as a concerned citizen, who wanted to pressure the Times to alter their coverage. I don’t know if they did so because of the backlash they faced from their audience, but I believe it is important to let those with power know that people are listening. It seems they did hear us, because the coverage did improve.

    Democracy requires not just free and fair elections but also an honest and fair media. For how else will voters gain the knowledge they need to vote? My comments had nothing to do with free and fair processes. I was troubled that the Times, two weeks ago, failed to ask Mr. Ellis one question: “why didn’t you know the rules had changed?”. Instead, in that week, they allowed Ellis’ statement to go unquestioned.

    Lastly, my comments in no way were intended to imply that the YP is not beautiful. It certainly is.



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