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Your View: Hillside approval

THE recently announced Program for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation approval for Rex Minerals’ Hillside mine near Ardrossan marks a sad day for Yorke Peninsula and South Australia.

The many people who have fought so hard to protect this prime food-producing land from environmental destruction feel devastated at this short-sighted, callous decision.

How could the Environment Protection Agency approve an open-cut mine, which will be dug hundreds of metres below sea level right next to St Vincent Gulf? This is environmental destruction, not protection.

Added to that, having a huge tailings dam so close to the coast poses a great risk of toxins entering the gulf during extreme weather. Another concern is further pressure on the River Murray. Fresh water from the river will have to be added to saline bore water to process the ore body. Yet another ugly legacy of this mine will be a huge dump containing waste rock that will remain once the mine is finished in 13 years. There is no requirement for rehabilitation of this mess.

I ask investors in the Hillside mine to think about whether they really wish to be involved in this disastrous project, one that comes at a great cost to the environment and one that will change the beautiful, agriculturally significant Yoke Peninsula irrevocably.

Bill Moloney, Arthurton

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    Mark Tuesday, 04 August 2020 21:00

    What a great day for Yorke Peninsula this is exactly what’s needed new opportunity for or young kids to stay on the Yorke.this Will also bring more industry into the Yorke can’t believe people can’t see the Yorke dying at port Vincent we have lost our sports store and a takeaway shop with more to follow if things don’t improve and that’s had nothing to do with coved 19 .

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    Jimmy.S Tuesday, 04 August 2020 20:34

    The "prime food-producing" land in question is semi-arid land that would produce little without the use of fertilizers and most years between bush fires, draught and pest damage the farmers barely break even. Some have even resorted to working on mine sites in SA and WA to survive. As for the scaremongering claims from the usual NIMBY suspects lets look at some cold hard facts. A mine hundreds of meters below sea level AND right next to the shore would see it flooded by seawater so it can be either one or the other. Hillside will be using mostly saline water from bores located on its own property with very little coming from the Murray river or desalination plant and any pressure on the Murray river actually coming from farms ,most of them before the river even enters SA. As for the fabled toxins in the tailing dam the fact is that tailings are just washed up dirt dug up from the pit minus the copper that was removed so if there are any toxins in the ground they would have to come from the surrounding farms use of pesticides , insecticides and fertilizers. It was mining that opened up YP and made the state prosperous so lets give mining a chance once again and create some real jobs, this mine alone will create more permanent jobs on just a few hundred acres then the cropping industry does over the entire YP. As for the costs to the environment this pales into insignificance when compared with the destruction of bushland by farmers, the use of pesticides, insecticides and poisons used to control native fauna "pests" But lets not get the facts get in the way of a good yarn.



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