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Your View: Solar farms and electricity prices

CONCERNS must be raised about the number of solar farms under construction (YPCT 14-7-20).

No doubt electricity consumers will pay for these. We’re told by environmentalists solar and wind power is cheap. That hasn’t shown up in my power bills, in fact they’ve skyrocketed, and I have a solar array.

There was a time power was a reasonable price. Not anymore.

In winter we are lucky to have nine hours of usable sunlight, so for 15 hours a day solar farms are basically inoperable. If wind speeds are too high, wind farms are shut down. Not bad for part-time systems costing billions of dollars.

We need a system operating 24/7. The only good options are geothermal — requiring volcanoes we don’t have — and nuclear.

Things have come a long way since Chernobyl, an outdated plant, and Fukushima, which was poorly positioned facing an active seismic fault line.

It is sad when a family is faced with paying its power bill or putting food on the table/buying medicine. Unfortunately, power companies will always come first. Environmental groups don’t want to know about it. Their silence is deafening, shame on them.

Recently six environmental groups took out a half-page advert in The Advertiser opposing changes to marine parks. The Weatherill Labor government had no mandate to introduce these parks, they were formulated so the government could get its selfish way. Remember the stupidity proposed for Wardang Island? I do!

The Marshall Liberal government has a mandate for change. I support the changes, but they don’t go far enough.

Kym Bray, Port Victoria

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    Jimmy.S Tuesday, 04 August 2020 19:56

    High power prices are the result of having to pay for "connection" fees and keeping the old power stations going because we have inadequate battery storage for the power produced by solar farms. As more households became self sufficient during day time with the use of home solar systems the power companies have increased the daily connection charges and reduced the amount they pay to buy back power. The solution is to have a home storage system so you can store the excess power produced by solar and use it at night. My 8.8KW solar system and 13.5Kw Powerwall battery has allowed me to disconnect from the grid completely. For emergency backup a 6kw generator should be enough but to date had no reason to use.



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