Your View: Recreational fishing licence

AGAIN that hoary old goat, a recreational fishing licence, rears its ugly head.

Who is going to police this rubbish? The police and fisheries have enough on their plate without this so no doubt a make-work band of public servants.

Who in their right mind is prepared to walk along a jetty checking those hardy souls trying to catch some tommies or squid at 12.30am? This is no more than a tax, and a bad one at that.

The New South Wales licence was brought in partly to fund facilities. We already do this through our boat registration. What is worse, we pay this levy then get slugged to use them and many are sub-standard, such as Port Hughes and Point Turton (YPCT 9-10-18). The only reason the Port Victoria ramp is relatively free of sand is through power retrieval, which causes its own issues.

The Victorian licence is a pure money grab. What has happened to the GST on fishing gear, boats and equipment and diving gear? It vanished into that bottomless pit called general revenue.

Visiting a national park used to be free. They were supposed to be funded from general revenue. Day trippers should be free, and only campers should pay a fee.

Bringing in a rec fishing licence will impact on regional towns. There are better ways to raise funds than a repressing licence, such as a small surcharge on gear (boats, et cetera) at the wholesale level. No one would notice it and we would not need the public servants.

Many will choose other activities that are still free, such as archery, surfing, skateboarding, cycling and hiking (outside national parks). At present, fishing is free. Let’s keep it that way.

Kym Bray, Port Victoria

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