Your View: Back to coal

NEW Premier Steven Marshall’s solution for South Australia’s so-called energy crisis is already under fire.

The latest United Nations report shows a massive worldwide shift to renewable energy, like a runaway train. It is a tragedy South Australia, a recognised world leader in renewable technology, is now about to do an abrupt U-turn and buckle up to the interstate coal burners at a massive cost.

Why does the Liberal Party cling so desperately to the past? Traditionally the Liberal Party has stayed away from interfering with business, giving it free rein, but not this time around. Big business is powerfully entering the renewable sector, knowing it to be cheaper, and obviously much less polluting.

In the eastern states the recently-formed Monash Forum has been condemned by the descendants of Sir John Monash, accused of “hijacking” the World War I hero’s legacy. The descendents state he would have been in full support of renewable energy, at arms’ length from the rapidly-estranged forum, the Tony Abbott-led coal lobby.

By hooking up to the New South Wales power grid, SA will surely present as a basket case. Until recently we were a burgeoning world leader in the new technology, we sought independence through diversity, competition driving down the price. Our newly-appointed treasurer Rob Lucas was the man accredited with selling off our state-owned power supplier ETSA. We know where that has led. Here we go again, back down the slippery slope, the Liberal gurgler?

It took the biggest storm in living memory to shut down South Australia’s power grid. Instead of understanding that typhoon for what it was, a likely one-off, and staying the course, developing new technology, intensifying our identity, we have chosen instead to slide backwards in time to the polluted, price gouging, coal-fired  past. This is sad news indeed.

Chris Hunter, Moonta

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