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Q: When is the newspaper available online?

A: The newspaper is available online around 5pm Central Australian time the day it is published (Tuesdays). However our YPCT-E edition is available to the public at 9am on the day after the print edition is published (Wednesday).

Q: What is the difference between the printed and online versions of the newspaper?

A: In YPCT Online, we provide a limited amount of news that is presented in the printed version of the paper. There is the front page story(s) and a selected amount of other relevant news from the printed version. We also provide half a dozen Sport stories and up to half a dozen Farming stories. Feature stories are added to the site as they are printed and there is also selected other printed information. You can subscribe to YPCT-E and purchase the entire edition of the Country Times weekly, by clicking HERE.

Q: How can I get articles published in previous editions of the Yorke Peninsula Country Times or YPCT Online?

A: To purchase editions of the Yorke Peninsula Country Times published within the past four weeks, please call (08) 8821 1155 or email us to have back issues mailed to you. In YPCT Online, go to our Archives pages to search for articles published online.

Q: Where can I go with other questions about the site and the newspaper?

A: For other questions regarding the YPCT Online website or Yorke Peninsula Country Times printed version, you can either Phone Us on (08) 8821 1155 or Fax Us on (08) 8821 2044. You can also contact us via the Contact Us pages on this website.

Q: I'm having technical difficulties accessing your site. What can I do?

A: If you are having technical difficulties accessing or linking to our site, please Email us.

Note: To get the most from the YPCT Online website, you require one of the latest browsers. If you have an older version of a browsers, please update them to get the most from this website.

Sometimes technical glitches are the fault of your computer or the browser you are using. Please double check that it is not a local problem before contacting us.

To view full articles in the CURRENT issue click HERE and follow the prompts to subscribe to YPCT-E.
For all previous issues please contact our office on 8821 1155.


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