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Your View: National COVID-19 quarantine centre

THE COVID-19 pain that has engulfed Australia in the past nine months need never have happened.

If Prime Minister Scott Morrison had created a national quarantine centre, say at Christmas Island, this would have easily solved the problem. The notion of each state receiving flights and quarantining is a real dud, leading to border closures, business collapses and all the rest, notwithstanding the deaths of many Australians. And it would have saved billions.

The bloke who went to Hawaii for a holiday during the bushfires needs to dust off his captain’s hat and show some leadership. This nightmare is a national issue, not a state by state one. Why this has not been screamed from the rooftops is a mystery — are we that easily led, like a bunch of lemmings over the cliff? Or is Mr Morrison simply trying to make the states foot the bill? Well it’s failed, the cost is astronomical and this is a tragedy. Wake up Canberra, take responsibility, and do the job you were elected for.

Chris Hunter, Moonta

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