Our View (28-8-2018): Government madness

I HAVE been old enough to vote for more than a decade.

In that time no Australian Prime Minister has kept his or her job for a full term of government.

This is absolute madness, yet it keeps happening.

Scott Morrison is the new leader of this country, replacing Malcolm Turnbull after a leadership spill on Friday, August 24.

Australia has now had five different Prime Ministers since Julia Gillard booted Kevin Rudd from the top job in 2010, the first of the modern-day coups. That is five Prime Ministers in eight years. The five Prime Ministers before Rudd served a combined 35 years.

With so many Prime Ministers having been overthrown – three since 2010 – you’d think federal politicians would be getting pretty good at the task.

But no, this time around was the messiest and most ridiculous attempt yet.

In the end we got a fairly like-for-like swap, as the far-right Liberals’ plan to overthrow the more moderate status quo failed by a few votes. Apparently, nobody in challenger Peter Dutton’s camp was very good at counting. Little if anything of value was achieved except to remove Turnbull who, despite his party’s poor public standing, had been preferred Prime Minister for 58 consecutive Newspolls.

The problem is we elect these people to run the country and make all the big decisions that trickle down to our everyday lives. While they are busy trying to backstab each other they’re not doing their jobs. The whole process is clearly about those involved trying to further their careers and trick voters into keeping the party in government. The public doesn’t like us, they think, so we will put a new face in the top job. The people want change — but don’t vote for the other team, we will change ourselves!

And we are partly to blame. We have fallen for it in the past. Gillard and Turnbull both won elections after usurping sitting Prime Ministers from within their own parties. Only time will tell whether the strategy tricks voters yet again, but this time certainly feels different. If people have truly had enough of this in-fighting, we will find out at the next election.

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