Teo Gebert always puts an energetic live performance into Play School concerts. Teo Gebert always puts an energetic live performance into Play School concerts.

Entertain Us (28-8-2018): Play School a timeless classic

IN past stages of my life, I have attended concerts such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jet, The Killers, Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters and Ben Harper.

Now, as a mother of two, I find myself getting excited for the annual Play School concert!

Life takes you in different directions but one thing that has remained constant for many people is the timeless nature of Play School.

Many of us have fond memories of watching it as a child or may sit down with grandchildren for one of the four-times-daily screenings on ABC.

The television icon has evolved to include online videos and games, apps, and a concert tour which comes to Adelaide every August.

Emma Palmer and Teo Gebert hosted shows at six venues around South Australia from August 10 to 19.

They bounced onto stage with the trademark There’s a Bear in There theme song and brought the television show to life with songs, dance, stories and, of course, the iconic Play School characters.

Teo oozes energy and is a big kid at heart.

He engages with the kids but includes the adults by throwing in elements of humour. Holding a floppy wand which he remarks, “I shouldn’t have got it from Kmart.”

When trying to wake up a sleeping mermaid he quips, “How about we give her a rose like on The Bachelor?” and “I had a really big sleep — do you remember what that feels like? Yeah neither do I”.

The young fans enjoyed Play School renditions of their favourite songs and nursery rhymes including Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes; Polly Put the Kettle On; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; The Grand Old Duke of York; The Hokey Pokey and many more.

The set was simple, an oversized story book, a couple of trees and a box of props.

The decorations were made of sequins, material, cardboard and paper plates.

I think that’s the beauty of Play School.

In an increasingly-complex world reliant on technology, the producers and presenters have brought it back to basics with recycled materials, a few stuffed teddies and some simple music which, combined with a bit of imagination, make the magic.

Other kids’ shows have come and gone but Play School remains, continuing to bring fun and enjoyment into our loungerooms.

After 45 minutes, the kids’ attention spans and the parents’ patience had just about reached their maximum but everyone left with a smile on their face and more cherished memories of Play School.

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