Our View (19-6-2018): For Eurydice

IT’S difficult to describe my feelings when I heard about the rape and murder of 22-year-old Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dixon.

Eurydice was walking home from a gig and had just sent a message to her partner telling him she was almost at her destination.

But she never made it.

Another daughter, another sister, friend, partner never made it home.

More than 29 women have been killed Australia-wide this year. Some have received plenty of news time while others, like 28-year-old Qi Yu, of Sydney, who was allegedly killed by her housemate days after the murder of Eurydice, had little.

I’ve spoken with a couple of friends as to why Eurydice’s murder has affected us more than say Jill Meagher’s death in 2012.

Maybe it’s because I’m older, or maybe we naively thought the world was getting better, getting safer. We thought there was more understanding out there about the challenges women and minorities face regularly.

We were wrong.

Thousands of people gathered at vigils across the country yesterday to remember Eurydice and reclaim Princes Park (ironically near the place the first AFLW match was played), and public spaces in general.

Police continue to urge women, to be aware of their surroundings and posts went viral on the internet slamming this. I’ve read stories of women who cross the road when they see a man they don’t know, of those who carry their keys in their hands ready to strike with a makeshift weapon if needed.

There has been conversation around the fact more violence occurs in the home and by the hand of someone known to the victim than outside, so where really is safe?

And as always, it returns back “not all men” do these things. Congratulations for having the general decency of human nature to not assault/murder/rape someone. Here’s your gold star.

It’s time to take on board the voices of the women, LGBTQI and people of colour who so often feel the need to look over their shoulders and create action.

Change needs to be made to how society treats its boys and girls and what values are expected.


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