Entertain Us (8-5-2018): Bachelor in Paradise grand final

Entertain Us (8-5-2018): Bachelor in Paradise grand final

THE Bachelor in Paradise grand final aired Monday, April 30.

This was the most anticipated moment of the series, in which viewers’ favourite couples either revealed “I’m just not that into you” or “I love you so much, have a commitment ring”.

As the cameras panned over the lush views of Fiji, love was in the air for the four remaining couples.

Or so we thought.

Host Osher Gunsberg lured us all into a false sense of security full of romance and bliss, only to crush our souls in the first few minutes.

Our favourite couple Megan and Jake overcame so much hardship throughout the series, well-known party boy Jake finally falling in love. Queue happy tears.

And all for Megan to walk out on the last episode. Seriously! Did someone say free holiday?

Ali and Grant said I love you about 10 million times in the first two weeks of knowing each other, and committed on screen, but not in real life.

And to top things off Ali has been announced as the next Bachelorette. Thanks a lot Grant. I’d rather watch paint dry.

Keira was hot and cold with Jarrod all season and we weren’t really sure how it was going to pan out.

Possibly the most diverse couple out of the lot, Jarrod was keen to profess his love (like the day they met) whilst Keira remained reserved.

The commitment ceremony went well, and Jarrod and Keira frolicked into the sunset all the way to his family’s vineyard. He’s a keeper Keira.

This led to the moment we had all been waiting for, Tara and Sam. It was a match made in heaven from the beginning.

Sam and Tara had us in stitches all season. At one stage Sam told Tara how beautiful she looked and, in typical bogan lingo, and Tara responded “Thanks, I like your teeth.”

At this stage I think every girl in Australia was sitting on the edge of their seats.

Uncle Sam rolled in straight off of cloud nine to tell Osher he was head over heels for Tara, so in love a commitment ring just wouldn’t do, and indeed he was going to propose.

Thank goodness, because those commitment rings looked like something out of a Kinder Surprise.

We watched Sam waiting patiently as Tara had to walk a marathon just to get to him. Seriously, she’s in heels on grass, who made her walk that far?

So one hour later Tara finally reached her man and boy was it an emotional reunion, oh, yes, for them as well as me.

Sam dropped to one knee and asked Tara to spend the rest of her life with him. I welcomed back my happy tears. She said yes.

The series finished and I was straight onto social media to see if Sam and Tara had made the distance.

They left us hanging for a while but soon posted on Instagram to let us all know they are still very much in love, and can’t wait to get married and live a life full of theme parks and fast food.

At this point I realised I was way too emotionally invested in a TV show, but how can I stop watching now knowing the next Bachelor will be Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins?

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