Your View: It’s Easter chocolate time

A BOX of fundraising chocolates arrived at work yesterday morning (Monday).

Emblazoned across the box in large writing was, appropriately, the word Easter.

But I thought I read on social media Cadbury, and maybe other major manufacturers, had stopped using the word Easter. In fact, this time last year I saw a petition calling for the term “Easter eggs” to be used instead of saying “holiday eggs”.

A Google search for holiday egg showed no products — even after I scanned through several pages of results. All it revealed instead was a couple of articles about the terminology. After reading through them, none contained proof anyone anywhere had called Easter eggs holiday eggs, nor had anyone requested such a change.

I’m not saying people are wrong to defend the use of the word Easter. I’m saying it does not need defending. The threat to the word Easter does not exist.

Cadbury claims it has not included the word Easter on some chocolate eggs or bunnies because it wants to be specific about the products instead. Removing Easter can, when necessary, allow the manufacturer to instead advertise eggs are a certain size, or full of a certain filling, or ideal for egg hunts. It might seem easy to just  include the word Easter as well but, as someone who writes headlines almost every day, I can assure you it’s not simple to fit all the words you might like.

I’m all for holding onto positive Australian values. But let’s not be so keen to claim others are stealing those values away that we just make problems up. Here’s an even better idea. Support a local business when you purchase your chocolates, such as the Minlaton Chocolaterie.

Don’t worry about politicising Easter. Worry about enjoying it.

Nick Perry, Editor
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    Cathy Glazbrook Wednesday, 28 March 2018 20:50

    Eggcellent piece Nick! I'm very, very sick of seeing nonsense perpetuated on social media, along with accompanying outrage about 'them' taking 'our' traditions, without any effort invested in fact checking!

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