Your View: Electricity costs

IT was interesting that “Wind Turbine Tom” Koutsantonis has been telling everyone recently there is plenty of electricity, and to turn on your air-conditioners.

Tom, that is good advice if you can afford the prices. Through your government’s lack of foresight we have electricity prices only the well-off can afford. Allowing Port Augusta to close caused the end of any hope of cheaper electricity. With steam-powered turbines you can’t shut them down at a minute’s notice; however, with wind and solar if there is an excess of supply, they just turn some turbines off and they reduce the output of their solar panels so consequently there will never be an excess of electricity.

Perhaps Tom should have listened to the British climatologist, Professor David Bellamy, instead of all his “experts” who in one form or another seem to have some sort of financial interest in renewable energy supply. In the 1980s Professor Bellamy was a climate change exponent. Since then he has studied the effect of human activity on global warming and now he and many of his colleagues have decided human activity has very little effect on climate change. He states climate change is a natural phenomenon.

Sadly, current state government members only consult people who will give them the answer they want to hear. They can’t afford to upset the Greens and their preferences, otherwise they would be out on their ears.

Malcolm Butler, Port Broughton

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