Monday, 19 February 2018

Your View: Bank tax

“GOOD evening premier, thanks for joining us tonight.”

“Pleasure to be here, Brian.”

“Well, I see you’ve taken up the challenge set by the big banks.”

“I certainly have, Brian – I’ve fearlessly labelled them the profiteers they really are.”

“No, Mr Premier, I meant the other issue. After the big banks, that were crying poor, suddenly splashed out on huge full-page adverts decrying your proposed new tax, now you’ve countered by splurging out on even bigger adverts spruiking how great you are.”

“Well, that’s only fair, Brian. After all, these big banks have huge resources behind them to squander willy-nilly on propaganda.”

“Unlike your government, with taxpayers’ money?”

“That’s an unfair call, Brian.”

Oscar Fassbinder, Wallaroo


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