Sonny Coombs

Sonny Coombs

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:20

Sport back on this weekend

THE heat rule for sport scored a hat-trick as temperatures again exceeded 38 degrees on Saturday.  

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:18

Roadblock for detour


  A PROPOSAL to divert traffic away from Port Wakefield during the Easter period has been scrapped.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:10

Bettina’s beauty success at 17

AT 17 most haven’t decided on a career path.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 11:10

Entertain us: Watching the Grammys


TWO Country Times journos with very different views about music both watched the Grammys, or at least the highlights, and have compared their thoughts on some key aspects.

The red carpet
Sonny: The Grammys are probably the one high-profile event at which it is both expected and acceptable to sport kooky fashion. As for the most outlandish outfit, Madonna won hands down, but Rihanna took the cake quite literally. If you didn't see her dress, which looked like it was inspired by a Barbie cake, google it now.
Nick: I thought we were watching the highlights. Therefore, I did not see a second of the red carpet. Little did I know there would be no highlights during the actual event either.

The live performances
Sonny: As a fan of Lady Gaga I was excited for her jazz performance with Tony Bennett. She has a great voice, which shines when she is stripped of her crazy outfits. Sia performed her mega-hit Chandelier, but again had her back to the crowd which I am completely over -- it's rude!
Nick: There were plenty of challenging performances. As in they challenged me to stay awake. Why did almost everyone choose to play unenergetic ballads? Madonna and AD/DC showed the most life of any performers, perhaps because they have the least life remaining. Ed Sheeran has a lazy eye. He's okay, but I can't un-see this.

Sam Smith's domination
Sonny: Great Britain's Sam Smith invaded the Grammys this year with six nominations and four well-deserved awards. However, I was disappointed our Aussies nominations, Sia, Keith Urban and Iggy Azalea, were robbed. Its obvious Sia has huge talent and Chandelier deserved something!
Nick: It was a nice touch when Smith credited his success to just being himself. But really his success is thanks to Latch, by Disclosure, plus a massive advertising budget for his new album. Give any schmuck with decent pipes that much exposure and people are going to buy his album.

Kanye West's stage invasion
Sonny: Are we really still acknowledging this guy? I'll admit he has talent but his arrogance and disrespect for veteran musician Beck crossed the line!
Nick: Beyonce's album is better than Beck's. Kanye said what many were thinking, aside from maybe, "Who is Beck?" Beck is awesome, but he peaked in the mid-90s. I didn't go much on the latest Beyonce album but it was modern, fresh, artistic and relevant. Beck's album was not.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 15:30

Easter detour

COUNCILS have been contacted about a possible traffic detour to bypass Port Wakefield during Easter.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 15:27

A hot Valentine’s Day for all

COOLING OFF... Hollie Peterson and Esther Cappelletto, of Port Pirie, cool off at North Beach, Wallaroo, during last week’s hot spell.

VALENTINE’S Day was hot for everyone this year with temperatures soaring into the 40s.

AS a lover of trashy television I waited with bated breath for the premiere of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here on Sunday night.
However, I soon discovered Channel 10 doesn't understand the meaning of celebrity and really should have called the show I'm a Has Been Looking for Another 15 Minutes of Fame.
For those who didn't tune in, the concept is simple, throw a bunch of "celebrities" into the jungle with no luxuries and watch them fight it out in a series of challenges to be titled king or queen of the jungle.
The show has been a huge success in the UK where it originated attracting models, actors, journalists and even former politicians -- this year filming will begin on the 15th season.
Watching the short bios I, and I assume most of those who were watching, kept asking, "Who the hell was that?"
To be fair Maureen McCormick is a big celebrity, or was more than 40 years ago when she starred as Marcia Brady in the Brady Bunch.
Clearly the former child star has been pampered her entire life and will be the first one to crack under the pressure, which will be great viewing.
It's great to see Merv Hughes, Andrew Daddo and Barry Hall get some work after being famous all those years ago.
For the guys Miss Australia 2008 Laura Dundovic has been thrown in as eye candy and I'm definitely not complaining!
Tyson Mayr is in for the ladies, who will now busily Google him to find out who he is.
There is something endearing about Chrissie Swan and I think Australia will fall in love with her all over again just as they did when she was on Big Brother.
I think the show will be the most difficult for Chrissie as there will be some physical challenges but my money is on her to win.
I love these warts-and-all shows which allow you to see another side of celebrities.
Chris Brown and Julia Morris are great but, as hosts, are trying too hard to be funny.
Despite not knowing most of the celebrities I will continue watching and I can't wait for the first juicy meltdown. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 15:21

Big year for Brock

IT has been almost a year since Member for Frome Geoff Brock faced the biggest decision of his political career.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 15:18

Gloves off for Debbie after 43 years

GLOVES OFF... Port Broughton hospital clinical services coordinator Debbie Coffey retired after 43 years of nursing on Friday.

THE gloves are off for Port Broughton hospital’s Debbie Coffey, who retired after 43 years of nursing last Friday, February 6.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 14:43

Interest rate cuts to save hundreds

HISTORIC LOW... Mortgage holders are now paying record low interest rates.

THE Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to cut the cash rate to a historic low of 2.25 per cent will have flow-on benefits to mortgage holders.

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