Your View: Get engaged with country shows

WITH both parents from the country and spending the first four-and-a-bit years of my life in Peterborough, attending country shows was something of an institution.

So when I came across an advert for the Kadina Show, I immediately felt the pull to drive up from my cityscape, take a walk around and soak in the ambiance of the true country show atmosphere.

I can honestly say a big congratulations to the organisers of the Kadina Show, what a great little event you pulled off.

Many will say it’s boring and there’s not a lot to do, but that’s missing the point — country shows are about the social fabric of rural Australia, bringing everyone together, giving everyone in the district a go, bringing communities together.

The challenge ahead for many show organisers, such as those in Kadina, is how to engage the next generation of horsewomen and men and how to get them into the kitchen when children have so many other stimuli in their lives in the modern age. We need to invest in our children,  grandchildren, nieces and nephews, we need to challenge them to put something out on display. They might not and probably won’t win an award the first time around, and that’s okay as we can’t win every time, but that should serve as an inspiration to try harder next year. Toiling, working, perfecting their recipe until one year they win their first award but in the meantime it encourages their friends to participate.

That’s what country shows are about — participation, social interaction and building rural communities.

Rather than contemplate or speculate about the lack of things to do at your show, start by making one thing and then go and see your, or your friend’s, competition entry.

Justin Baxter, Adelaide

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