Your View: Electricity

I THOUGHT I was going crazy when I read Steven Marshall was spending $1.5billion connecting us to the New South Wales power grid.

The piece de resistance being this action will slash our household debt by $30 a year. Incredulous.

I dare say the massive project will blow out. If only the Liberals hadn’t sold ETSA, a saving of $1200 a year per household.

Of course, it’s also about energy security, given South Australia had the big blackout during the worst storm in living memory, and nothing will stop the grid from being blown sideways again should we have a repeat event, or a typhoon as it was officially named.

It was cruel the way the federal Liberal government hung SA out to dry over the blackout. Many other states had serious blackouts too but nothing was mentioned. It was us they wanted to punish and ridicule, because we had a vision, a vision that was attracting big players, world interest — a future without coal.

But no longer. Back to the humdrum world of those who spent 16 years in the closet, learning nothing, and emerging triumphant into the 1950s.

I think the whole state’s going mad on this one.

Chris Hunter, Moonta

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