Your View: Cost of power

I THINK it’s a bit rich for Tom Koutsantonis and others in the Labor Party to be lecturing the Liberal state government on how they should spend their money.

It was the previous state Labor government who thought it would be cheaper and better to spend $500million on diesel turbines and other expensive ideas than to spend $10million a year for four or five years to keep the Port Augusta Power Station going. The power station was even offered to them for $1 but no, they would rather force South Australians to pay exorbitant prices for electricity than upset the Greens whose vote they relied on to keep them in office.

Some of the Labor Party members need to do a course in mathematics before they start throwing out criticism. To make matters even worse, at the last ALP conference held in Adelaide, Bill Shorten said what a wonderful job the then-state Labor government was doing. Heaven help us if he ever gets into  power.

Malcolm Butler, Port Broughton

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