Your View: Homelessness Week

MOST don’t know what it is like to sleep out in the cold, to not know where they will get their next meal, to be forced to sleep with their shoes on just so they can make a quick escape if someone comes to harm them.

Most don’t pay too much attention to those sleeping rough in our towns and communities. But I do. Homelessness Week is Monday to Monday, August 6-13. It’s a week when we thrust the issue of homelessness into the spotlight for all Australians. Everybody needs a home and no one deserves to be left out on the streets.

I started Youth Off The Streets by feeding local homeless kids and that was just the beginning, I started to recognise the dire need for something more. Now my organisation has many housing options available for young people but homelessness remains a significant issue.

We need to stop ignoring homelessness and begin to take positive steps to help Australians in need. So much can be done to prevent this issue. We need to give struggling families a boost before homelessness becomes an unfortunate reality. I am dedicated to breaking the cycle of disadvantage and giving Australians the chance to achieve greatness.

The reality is homelessness is an ongoing battle for some and it’s a battle which is hard to win by yourself. This week I implore you to take the time to look into the issue of homelessness and read about how it affects our nation and most importantly our people.

Father Chris Riley, CEO and founder, Youth Off The Streets

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