Your View: Keep pet microchip details up to date

A CANBERRA man is mourning the loss of a precious friend, a 17-year-old dog named Izzy, who wandered off and was euthanised by the ACT rangers. The ACT Government’s city services directorate advised Izzy appeared to be in poor health, the contact details found on the microchip were not current, and a number of attempts to contact her guardian had failed.

Anyone who has shared a home with a companion animal will likely understand that lurch in the stomach when you realise that a they’ve wandered off through a door you thought was shut. The initial panic is followed by recrimination, and then fear of what might befall your beloved companion. If dog or cats are microchipped there is hope of finding them, but only if you have updated your contact details on the microchip database.

We are a mobile nation. We regularly move to different streets, towns or states. When you move, you have to notify a lot of organisations – power, phone, post, et cetera. High on your checklist should be updating your details on the register of microchips. Log on to

using your dog or cat’s microchip number, and it will redirect you to the database that lists your contact details. If you have moved home since you last registered a microchip, check it now. It might save your furry friend’s life.

Desmond Bellamy, PETA Australia

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