Your View: Dog registration fee increase?

IMAGINE my disbelief when a notification letter to renew my two dogs’ registrations arrived not for $40 for the two like last year but $86 for one and $122 for the other.

Both dogs had been de-sexed for 10 years and I had received concessions for that; however, it was not registered on the new account and the fact I had pensioner concessions was not reflected either. Also, both dogs had been microchipped and that was not noted.

The account was sent by the state government which one assumes should have been notified by the National Pet Register due to the fact the state government made it compulsory.

After discussing this matter with the Copper Coast Council and friends it seems there is a great deal of confusion and anxiety in the community and one wonders how many people will be of the belief they have no choice but to pay the stated amount causing hardship.

The council staff were helpful and polite in sorting this matter, resulting in a reduction in fees to $36, saving $172! My advice is to discuss your account with the council before you pay.

E. Chapman, Moonta

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