Your View: Acknowledging the Warooka SES

DURING the recent gale-force winds, we woke to the sound of iron clanging on our roof.

Fearing some iron was about to lift, and knowing we were physically unable to climb onto the double-storey roof,  we reluctantly called the SES.

The central office passed our number on to the Warooka SES, a member of which promptly contacted us. After getting a team together, the crew arrived with all the necessary equipment to address the problem.

During terrible winds and very heavy rain they climbed up the long ladder and screwed back the flapping iron. In doing so they prevented the roof from lifting with what could have been disastrous results.

We know the men and women who perform such tasks are all volunteers who freely give their time and skills to help so many people in times of need. In thanking the team we learned they are desperate for more volunteers.

Thank you so much to Roger Murdoch, Julie Page, Deb Ryan and Jamie Koennecke who helped us. We know they had their own pressing responsibilities waiting for them back at their homes.

Until help is needed we don’t stop to think of those volunteers who constantly train hard and make themselves available to help people in need. Thank you to Warooka SES.

Geoff and June Harrison, Sultana Point

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