Your View: Privatising the ABC

SO the Young Liberals want to privatise the ABC.

I have been a loyal ABC listener and viewer for years. Living in the country and remote Australia, often the ABC was the only radio and television available. Listening to the ABC radio while working around my home and while driving, I keep up to date with local, national and world news and views.

The television programs (not as varied since the funding cuts) are preferable to the interminable reality shows on the commercial stations.

Both the main political parties, at some time, have accused the ABC of biased reporting.

A radio or television station owned by a media mogul who sides with the government of the day and ensures his enterprises reflect his views, couldn’t possibly be biased!

We need a public broadcaster not influenced like that and which presents various views.

As a taxpayer I prefer my dollars funding the ABC rather than things like pollies’ questionable travel. I was relieved to hear the federal treasurer categorically promising the ABC would not be privatised. I hope he keeps his promise.

Barbara Hartley, Port Hughes

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