Your View: Speed limits

I WOULD like to add my opinion to the raising of the speed limits on country roads from 100km/h to 110km/h.

I don’t think the 10km/h increase should be brought in until all sealed roads in the northern Yorke Peninsula area are improved.

The Maitland to Arthurton road comes to my mind. It’s very uneven, bumpy, and the verge isn’t very good either. This road is bad enough travelling along at 100km/h. This road is in the YP Council area and links up with Agery Road in the Copper Coast Council area. The road surface on the Copper Coast side, in my opinion, is a better surface. Is this a state road or council road?

I’ve found some unsealed roads are in a better condition than the sealed roads. Sealed roads need to be wider to cope with the wider agricultural implements and vehicular traffic.

On a corrugated unsealed road, any extra speed limit could cause damage to vehicles.

The extra speed could also lead to more motor vehicle accidents. Drivers sometimes exceed the speed limit now, so with the extra allowable km/h, it could be a worse scenario.

Barb Lovelock, Port Victoria

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