Your View: Kadina cemetery wall

THE Kadina cemetery stone wall should be preserved at any cost.

My great-grandparents were Cornish miners and later owners of Matta House, and are buried with many other early settlers within those walls.

The wall gives the cemetery a great nostalgia and preservation of history. Looking at the wall during the dressing of the graves ceremony during the Kernewek Lowender is one example of what a wonderful effort it would have been for that wall to be built by hand and hard work, with history showing what these great people did with little to create this area, together with the beautiful buildings like the town halls, churches and many more.

We, as descendants and custodians of our yesteryear families, should repair and preserve the wall to show our respect for what they did and left for us.

Kadina is being remodelled with new verandahs on shops to give it all that heritage look and feel, so doesn’t the resting place of our early descendants deserve the same by honouring their efforts?

Peter Toy, Wallaroo

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