Your View: Double standards

THE Federal Government is resorting to double standards by wanting immigrants to settle in country towns.

There isn’t much employment in country towns, but the government isn’t worried about that in the slightest, and will willingly pay unemployment benefits to the refugees, but they don’t hold the same views towards Australians living in towns where there is no work.

The pressure placed on Aussies to be forced to leave towns and look for work elsewhere is unbelievable and reeks of discrimination towards Australians and, in the eyes of our government, it’s okay for refugees and migrants to not actively search for work as long as they add to the population of country towns.

The burden of these people on country hospitals and overloading many other systems in the country towns will be huge.

The true prejudice in Australia is by our governments towards Australians, and so Aussies should pack up and leave Australia and search for a country which will help them just like Australia bends over backwards to help refugees. Most people don’t realise countries that help refugees have to legally house them, and that would mean there goes any housing trust houses in country towns to refugees.

Is it fair how Aussies get treated in Australia by our governments?

P. J. Paule, Kadina

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