Your View: Helping Snookums

TO anyone who knows of me, they would have seen my little dog, Snookums, who sometimes sits on my shoulder.

In crowded places like a market she could easily be stepped on or get in strife with other dogs. She may only be little but can become aggressive with her own kind and size doesn’t matter.

This time of the year she keeps my neck warm and if anything frightens her, I get a massage as well.

The other night while out walking, my wife had to go in the shop for some groceries. Snookum was a little restless, so I threw her on my shoulders, like I usually do. Next thing there was a horrible yelp. Somehow she got her back leg jammed in the leash up against my hand. No way could I remove my hand or her leg without hurting her.

Fortunately, a young lady working at Woolworths came to our assistance with a pair of scissors. Another young lady, a customer, squeezed the sharp instrument between the lead and my hand and set us free.

I can’t thank the ladies enough for their help. If it wasn’t for them, we may have had to go home that way.

After all the excitement, no one was hurt and Snookums walked home wagging her tail with a big smile on her face.

Rob Kutcher, Kadina

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