Your View: Emergency ambulance transport

INDEPENDENT MP Frances Bedford’s proposal to include emergency ambulance transport under the Emergency Services Levy, has everything to commend it. Why was it not included from day one?

The state government imposed the levy and owns the ambulance service; a nice little double-dip.

Emergency ambulance transport is an emergency service, why is it not covered? Some have said take out ambulance cover. Why? We already pay the levy, this should cover it.

In Queensland ambulance costs are covered by the state government. In Tasmania it is also free, and New South Wales provides free ambulance transport if you hold a concession card or are a pensioner.

Here, in good old South Australia, you get slugged $955 if you do not have cover. Totally unacceptable. Enough is enough.

Some have said it will be abused, it should be limited to bonafide emergency situations, such as falls, heart attacks, strokes, shark attacks, car accidents, and the like.

Labor said it would look at it; ironically, Labor was in power for 16 years and did absolutely nothing. In fact, Labor used it as a crutch to support their broke, wasteful governments.

State Member for Narrunga Fraser Ellis must throw his full support behind this, and strongly argue for change.

If we are going to be slugged an Emergency Services Levy, then it must cover all emergency services, nothing less.

Kym Bray, Port Victoria

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