Your View: Warooka YPC office

HAVING been quoted in Yorke Peninsula Council closing Warooka office (YPCT 15-5-18), I’d like to share more of my letter to YP Council regarding of closure.

“Obviously with less people coming to the office, the council employee has ample uninterrupted time to complete other tasks efficiently, therefore cutting costs.

“The building will still have to be maintained, as it should be, by council for the community.

“It is insulting that council think this is not important.

“Rather than close, perhaps council could be a little more productive by exploring what else it could be used for, ie tourism.

“I would like to see an itemised list of cost council envisages saving by closing the Warooka office.”

On a personal note, my parents served on the District Council of Warooka as volunteers for 24 years total, as did many dedicated others, enthusiastic about contributing to their community. It’s saddening to think with everyone’s busy lives now, this sense of community has almost disappeared. Part of the reason also, however, is council amalgamation to such a large area.

I’d like to think my rates go proportionately towards my local area, instead of being pooled and used in such things as maintaining an administration in Maitland I have never seen nor had reason to visit. How could we reduce administration costs, I wonder?

YP Council is closing its Visitor Information Centre in Minlaton, providing Visitor Information Outlets in towns, positioning them in existing businesses and in some instances run by volunteers, advising us “it will bring people in”.

What a missed opportunity. Why not develop this in the Warooka office — and bring people in?

Keep it local.

Steph Ball, Warooka

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