Your View: Infrastructure development cost query

FOR quite some time the Copper Coast Council has led this district to believe infrastructure development at the Wallaroo Shores site would cost the council $7million under a repayment agreement.

The Council CEO, Peter Harder, provided a statement to a television news item about the $220m development on April 26 clearly saying that the infrastructure development was costing $10m.

He provided no context as to whether that $10m included the council’s contribution or whether the infrastructure was now costing the council — that is ratepayers — that full amount.

The Copper Coast Residents and Ratepayers Association has previously tried to elicit information from council on other matters only to be ignored. We will not let that rest.

So we now ask the council, including the CEO, through your newspaper, what is the true position regarding costs of the Wallaroo Shores infrastructure and why have they dug up part of the recently-resealed boat ramp carpark within weeks of that resealing for stormwater drainage? What is the value of forward planning? Excavation 10 metres south would have been though gravel and not require resealing again.

It also seems bizarre a developer boasting a $220m project needs to ask the council for a $7million loan to help pay for infrastructure.

Neil Windsor, chairperson, Copper Coast Residents and Ratepayers Association

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