Your View: Problems connecting

LIKE many Telstra customers I recently received a letter advising my landline/internet would be disconnected on July 18, and inviting me to apply for the National Broadband Network.

With trepidation I called the number supplied and the usual ensued, many minutes of waiting.

Finally, a friendly consultant answered spoke of various plans. When none of these were of use to me I was moved to another consultant. Eventually common ground was reached and I had a new plan.

The plan and conditions were emailed to me and to complete the transaction I was asked to stay on the line while all conditions were read to me. Then just as it was coming to a close, I was told a connection fee of $99 applied. I immediately queried this cost and was informed this was a Telstra fee.

At this point I reminded this person I had been a customer since 1968, and felt this was unfair. They asked if I wished to proceed with the contract. I said not if this payment stood, and the call ended.

I have since opened the email and found there was a connection fee of $99 plus a Telstra Smart Modem for $216.

I have since spoken to the Telecommunications Ombudsman who, while agreeing this payment seemed over the top, could do nothing as it was a pricing issue and not a service issue. The ombudsman directed me to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. After 20 minutes waiting on the line I gave up.

I have no truck with Telstra staff but have had several other issues. Needless to say I will not be going with Telstra for my landline/data. My regret is I can see my Telstra shares dropping in value as others experience similar problems.

Dennis Nussio, Moonta Bay

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