Your View: Build a real bridge

IF we are going to build a bridge at the Copper Cove Marina, Wallaroo, let’s build a real bridge.

The proposed foot bridge will be reliant on lights, barriers, motors, locking devices and timing systems. It will also narrow the channel. It would restrict safe passage for larger vessels and perhaps deter visits from the One and All, and other larger vessels. If the council is looking for funding anyway, let’s get a build cost on a real bridge. The state and federal governments may want to get behind a significant project

I propose a proper traffic bridge arching its way across the channel at a height sufficient for the tallest mast. Road access is already established both sides and would only need minor alteration. The pedestrian bridge attached to the roadway would swing under the southern approach ramp and join up with existing footpaths, leading past the tavern and onwards through the new development towards the town.

A counter-levered arched steel bridge for light traffic and pedestrians across the channel would create connection and complement the existing roadways. The proposed pedestrian crossing would support the residents on both sides of the marina. For the residents on the township side it would provide easy access to North Beach as well as the coastal path to Point Riley. Northern residents would benefit by being reconnected to the facilities in the town.

It would also benefit tourists staying on either side of the marina, as it would provide them with safe and easier access around the community.

Bruce McKenzie, Wallaroo

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    Matt Saturday, 28 April 2018 18:57

    That's all good but for most town residents the fastest way to access North Beach would be using existing roads. The few hundred meters driving/walking around the canals would not justify the cost of a bridge so its unlikely that either the state or federal governments would come to the party and help build this white elephant. Our poor council doesn't have the money to replace the aging and unsafe footpaths around town and will have to borrow the money even for that. Not even sure why are we entertaining the idea of building a bridge to nowhere when we haven't got the money and rates are already some of the highest in the country.