Your View: Pension age

THE federal government failed to get its business tax cuts passed before the Easter break, but it won’t give up trying.

If the government can afford these tax cuts, not to mention the massive amount wasted on foreign aid, it can easily afford to keep the pension age at 65.

Conversely, if the government cannot afford to keep the pension age at 65, then it certainly cannot afford the foreign aid wastage, and definitely not these business tax cuts.

In its pension review, Labor has moved to protect pensioners. Not so Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition government, which is only interested in looking after its rich mates. This will eventually cost them very dearly.

We are all too willing to follow the United States, to our detriment. Our involvement in Vietnam cost 512 Aussies. Our involvement in George Bush’s invasion of Iraq cost three Aussies.

We have big social problems here with homelessness and poverty. We must fix our own problems first. It seems the Turnbull government is more interested in winning international brownie points than fixing our own problems. Some 230,000 people of pension age have been disadvantaged by this government’s actions. We should come first.

The barebones of it is, if we can afford these tax cuts plus foreign aid wastage, we can easily afford to keep the pension age at 65. That is the ‘nuts and bolts’ of it. It is obvious Turnbull’s government is backing a total loser, but it cannot see the wood for the trees. Roll on the next federal election.

Kym Bray, Port Victoria

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