Your View: Mining is mining

JOY Wundersitz (YPCT 20-3-18) I think missed the point regarding mineral mines and extractive mineral mines.

It may be classified differently in the Mining Act but mining is mining, the same basic methods are employed. The Kulpara quarry occupies about four square kilometres and all the trucks use public infrastructure to haul the quarry materials.

No one seems to be complaining about the four-square-kilometre quarry near the Ardrossan airport either.

The proposed Hillside mine is stated to be two square kilometres.

Rex Minerals has other targets locally but they are targets only, not a resource or mine. Experience and history suggests a low probability of another economic resource being identified. Hillside has a 13-plus years’ mine life and will generate billions. How much profit does two square kilometres of cropping land create? I understand Rex owns much of the farmland, hence this is a moot point regarding the mine’s impact on cereal output.

I cannot comprehend why a quarry is okay next to a town but a proposed copper mine out of town is objectionable.

There are environmental problems with all activities we as a global community engage in, not just copper mining. To keep and improve on our standard of living, a balanced and sensible view must be adopted. We cannot choose where the best agricultural land and mineral provinces are. We need both of these resources. I appreciate the process of developing a mine or any land-use change may involve compulsory land acquisition, an unsavoury and upsetting aspect of development but a government-mandated procedure.

It is obvious to me the proposed Hillside mine is the thorn in the local community’s side. I’d be interested to hear from the new state government whether South Australia could afford to ditch this project.

Dr David Miller, Consulting geophysicist

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