Your View: Strange days

IN his acceptance speech, incoming Premier Steven Marshall thanked John Howard for his help winning the state election, albeit leaking oil badly with an unprecedented seven per cent swing (against) in taking office — hardly a mandate. The reshaping of state electoral boundaries was the reason behind this victory but, at the end of the day, a win is a win, ugly or otherwise.

To my mind John Howard is hardly a role model for South Australia. He is the chief architect of Australia’s involvement in the Iraq war, a war according to former major general, now Liberal senator, Jim Molan, that cost five billion a month to prosecute, a figure over and above the official figure. He was unequivocal in revealing this on the Beattie and Newman show on Sky Channel on Monday, March 26.

Going on Senator Molan’s figures, Australia’s contribution to the Middle East disaster, a war without end, is well beyond its affordability. You subtract the war and the national deficit improves remarkably. And yet the war goes on, with all the terror and fear, refugees, and national angst. Not to mention interrupted grain exports.

I would have expected Mr Marshall, in the first instance, to thank his family for the victory. But no, John Howard got the accolades, the man who rode the mining boom and delivered us to financial oblivion, to coal, to an inglorious, polluted, constantly warring state of affairs.

Strange days indeed.

Chris Hunter, Moonta

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