Your View: How-to-vote cards

IT doesn’t always happen, but I completely agree with Neil Longbottom (YPCT 13-3-18) regarding the needless waste of handing out how-to-vote cards on election days.

Our world is in crisis with overspending of money and resources in the pursuit of getting what we want and elections are a perfect example. There is no reason how-to-vote cards can’t be displayed in individual polling booths for reference, as they were in Minlaton at least this year. I refuse to participate in the waste-fest and if I want advice about how to vote, I’ll enter it in my phone, or in its absence, note it on a small scrap of paper, neither of which would be necessary if that information were available in every booth.

It’s wonderful Grantley Dodd (YPCT 27-3-18) can people who need it in the ways he mentioned, but he could perform those same services as an electoral volunteer without the need to participate in the excessive paper wastage.

Governments of all levels and persuasions are so focused on box ticking, policies and procedures for every ridiculous insignificant circumstance (ladder policy – seriously?!) and protecting their rear ends, none seem to worry about the rampant waste invested in prolific pointless activities. It’s like some crazy ride no one can get off. If only they would stand up and say “this is madness and is not in the best interests of anyone but the insurance companies who cover us and lawyers who protect us”, those resources could be redirected to areas that really matter, like taking care of people and our environment.

Cathy Glazbrook, Minlaton

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