Your View: Country paramedics

ABOUT 20-25 years ago or so, the qualified paramedics of St John Ambulance, as it was known then, refused to work with volunteer paramedics because they considered the volunteers to be taking away their jobs.

I don’t know what was happening in the country towns at the same time, but strikes put an end to qualified paramedics working with volunteers, and it was all qualified paramedics after that in the city. How is it then the volunteers came about in the country towns, and at the present some country towns such as Port Broughton can’t staff enough paramedics/volunteers for their shifts?

Some qualified paramedics can’t get jobs in South Australia. One woman I know of left the countryside to work in Queensland as a qualified paramedic.

The people of SA should be asking why is that? There should be jobs galore for these people.

I point out volunteers who help because of goodness of heart, don’t get paid, and this saves SA Ambulance Service billions of dollars. If SAAS has to pay the qualified paramedics, it will cost billions of dollars per year.

Volunteers have for years been used up by the government of the day, and it has to stop. If these volunteers stopped helping, we would be up the creek without a paddle. The Liberals want to put on various apprenticeships and, I suggest, apprentice paramedics would be the way to go.

Please readers respond with your thoughts.

Peter Paule, Kadina

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