Your View: How to vote vital

REGARDING Neil Longbottom’s letter (YPCT 14-3-18) regarding who-to-vote-for pamphlets on election days.

These are essential for many people to fairly cast their compulsory vote for candidates of their choice.

I have handed these out for the Liberal Party for decades at state and federal elections, along with other dedicated people from all political persuasions. I’ve found most voters accept them as a part of election day.

Many times I have directed voters to pamphlets from other political parties, or helped absentee voters decide which electorate they are in. I have had a good relationship with other helpers from other parties.

We have also assisted disabled, elderly and newer Australians, directing them to the correct polling places.

This is an example of how our parliamentary democracy is a function of the people. Government by the people for the people is the cornerstone of the Australian version of democracy. This and other personal contact by political candidates is a cornerstone of that democracy.

Remove this and our political process and procedures become autocratic and/or dictatorial. Rather like the Mike Rann and Jay Weatherill years, remote from the people who have been the victims of government at arm’s length where no one takes responsibility for their mistakes.

This is evident in the provision of health, education, welfare, energy, aged care and cost-effective essential and emergency services reliant more and more on volunteers.

Taken one step further and it would be easy to install a dictatorship as history shows like Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Mugabe, Pol Pot and other regimes. Or do we resort to the United States and Russian models where those with the most money win? God, or a return to commonsense, help us avoid all of these.

Grantley H. Dodd, Stansbury

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