Your View: Open the gates

I READ with some dismay the statements Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire put forward to argue the case for banning mining, and exploration, on Yorke Peninsula’s arable farming land.

The exclusion of mineral exploration and mining in this region is preposterous, and I would argue any base metal mine would bring more wealth to the state per hectare than that from cereal farming.

Many companies hold exploration licences over the proposed exclusion zone. They strongly believe in the potential for a discovery. Mr Brokenshire should be supporting mineral explorers instead of driving the wedge deeper and making it harder to explore.

I was disappointed to read statements suggesting aeromagnetic maps show South Australia’s rich mining deposits reside outside the proposed exclusion zone. These images only display magnetic variations in the ground, they don’t directly detect deposits.

Moreover, these images suggest much of the proposed exclusion zone includes geologic structures favourable to host mineral deposits and are certainly good enough to warrant exploration. We can’t choose where mineral deposits occur.

YP has the right geology and mineralising systems to host valuable mineral deposits. Why would you exclude mineral explorers and disallow mine development? The products of the mine all feed back into the necessities of farming.

I find it odd the Australian Conservatives are happy for the development of extractive mineral mines. These mines have just as big an impact as any other mine, and you can’t just choose where to quarry rocks either.

They occur in specific locations dictated by the geology. These mines must be close to towns and are likely to be on arable farm land – the Kulpara quarry is one example. Either exclude all or none.

The Conservatives and other political parties should be facilitating mineral exploration not impeding it. Open the gates.

Dr David T. Miller, consulting geophysicist

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