Your View: ESL relief

THE proposal to give relief in respect to the Emergency Services Levy is welcome, but when it was introduced a sunset clause (expiry date) should have been inserted.

When then-Premier Mike Rann said “I cannot afford to abolish the ESL”, I wrote into The Advertiser that, it appears, we could not afford his government. How true this has become.

The high-tax bats he and treasurer Kevin Foley let loose have well and truly returned to the belfry. Weatherill hiked the ESL up to replace non-existent money promised by federal Labor, which the coalition axed.

A classic example of taxing rather than axing waste. The ESL is past its used by date. It has to go. In 2016-17 I paid $12.50, but Revenue SA tried to slug me $88.25 in 2017-18.

Determination led to it being reduced to $12.45, many thanks to Member for Goyder Steven Griffiths and his staff. No thanks to Revenue SA. We need tax relief, not more added Taurus excrement. The failed bank tax is enough proof. Labor has trashed this state.

Kym Bray, Port Victoria

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