Your View: Biomass plant

I AM hugely disappointed to read the state government has given nearly half-a-million dollars of our money to the Yorke Biomass Energy Project, for nothing more than a feasibility study.

This project was promoted to local agribusinesses more than two years ago and the material handed out in 2015 indicated the plant would be operational by now.

Even with the current lucrative renewables subsidies (funded through our tax and power bills), a member-owned co-operative structure, crown development sponsorship, the promotion of concepts like local micro-power grids or the idea of the Ceres windfarm’s undersea cable to export power straight to Adelaide, the project did not make sound economic sense to suppliers and has already proved itself entirely, utterly, completely unfeasible.

All our half-a-million dollars will most likely do is sustain the Yorke Biomass Energy Project’s proponents for another year or so while they verify what the market has already confirmed.

I wish the state government had instead spent our $476,000 on our hospital, or even on more energy/cost-efficient lighting in our region.

Naomi Bittner, Curramulka

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