Your View: Bridge concerns

I AM deeply concerned with the tension the Wallaroo marina footbridge project has brought within this once great, spirited community.

A community project should never get to this level with such hatred and bullying directed at residents, businesses and overwhelmingly the Copper Coast Council by both sides. This needs to stop.

The major theme is the overwhelming belief the bridge is a parting gift to Mayor Paul Thomas. The second theme is based around the Cooper’s Alehouse.  The Alehouse’s reputation is being hammered from all corners, whether fair or not.

The third is this is the CEO’s last chance to get his pet project through while he still holds onto some support.

The most concerning is the belief council has been compromised and the votes are already in. We know the mayor has given the project his support. The casting vote gone. Is that right?

I agree some residents and traders will benefit and you would hope that would be the case.

To remove all the above concerns, I called on the CEO to suspend the project immediately, including any submission process. We have overwhelming community support from both supporters and opponent of the bridge for a suspension.

I even asked since council will go into caretaker mode later this year, any further discussion on this project would be better served by the new elected members. This would remove any question marks around the project.

The mayor and CEO won’t suspend or defer the submission. This displays the continued lack of leadership, business skills and more importantly a lack of separating own beliefs to the wants of the wider community.

This therefore leaves the residents no real choice other than to say no to the bridge.

Jason Mobbs, Moonta Bay

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