Your View: Libs’ NRM policy

WE know the Liberals’ rate-capping policy and plans to cut the Emergency Services Levy, but little publicity has been given in the media about the party’s plan to also cap Natural Resources Management charges.

These measures can’t come soon enough as these levies have risen way above CPI and the NRM system established by Labor in 2004 has lost the confidence of the South Australian public, particularly people in regional communities. They are an unfair impost on households, businesses and farms, and especially older people and those on fixed incomes.

The Liberals have also pledged to require NRM levies be spent in the region in which they are collected, with local boards publishing transparent budgets showing what levies are spent on. These budgets, and all statutory charges like the ESL, need to also be scrutinised under stringent auditing procedures by an independent body.

This excellent policy, if applied, will help all South Australians.

Grantley H. Dodd, Stansbury

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