Your View: Simms Cove Seawall

COPPER Coast Council’s Assessment Panel approved a 90-metre seawall for a group of Trelawney Street residents in December.

This included council as then-owners of Plymouth Place.

Two category 3 development applications were lodged and both required public consultation. The applications included removing the sand dune on the northern side of Simms Cove carpark for the construction of a significant offloading ramp to deliver rock for the seawall. Just before CAP assessment and approval, this section was removed.

The dune diverts stormwater from Trelawney Street houses. Its removal will further degrade and undercut the fragile cliff face zone and ruin the aesthetics of this area.

Coast Protection Board wrote to council regarding cliff face erosion in 2012:  “... the overflow (stormwater) from the carpark ... will be eroding the cliff ... it should be dealt with through actions in a coastal management plan, and a stormwater management plan.” Did council action these suggestions?

It appears council is preparing a separate development application for a 53m seawall from the northern stairs to 3 Simms Cove Road. It too will need the dune removed and be an eyesore.

Council reports this is to protect its road. In fact, there is more erosion to the south due to the removal of the dune to let floodwater escape in 2008. This section has been eroded by five metres.

Council will not discount a ramp for offloading but said “it was removed due to submissions” in the first approval process.

This will now be a category 1 development, meaning no submissions or consultation. Who will pay for this wall? It appears ratepayers will foot the bill.

Who approved this process? It doesn’t seem to appear in council’s minutes. It is our environment and rates — why is there no transparency and public consultation?

Robyn Sambell, Simms Cove

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