Your View: Wateroo contractors

IN addition to my previous letter (YPCT 13-2-18), regarding the Wallaroo swimming enclosure.

I have been wondering who Sea Slip is and why they were chosen to build this structure. A quick look at their website under ‘projects’ yielded no mention of Wallaroo or any similar projects.

However, I did find an article from the Port Lincoln Times dated November 6, 2014. The article begins, “The Company (Sea Slip Marine Group) responsible for Port Lincoln’s problem-plagued swimming enclosure is standing by its design...”

This raises more questions. Who chose Sea Slip? Why? And where are they?

Post installment, apart from a couple of retrieval exercises and the pre-holiday patch-up, the company is conspicuous by its absence.  

Since late December all we seem to get are worn-out apologies, throwaway promises, hollow assurances, and recently red flags, laminated signs and locked gates.

John Duncan, Wallaroo

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