Your View: Give the Libs a go

THE upcoming election is very important to the people of South Australia.

We’ve had a dysfunctional Labor government for too long. We have seen many poor or incompetent decisions made, impacting the lives of South Australians. We have seen the health system destroyed as a result of Labor’s unworkable socialist policies, causing the loss of hospitals and health services particularly in country SA.

The push for renewable energy based on the climate change myth by these social engineers has caused the most expensive electricity in the country and unreliable supply. The state debt is horrendous and prevents things like maintenance on country roads.

The Liberal Party should have been elected last time since it achieved the majority of votes, and may be prevented from being elected due to Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST party this time. I remember when Mr Xenophon had a party in SA previously, and it disintegrated. At the time Mr Xenophon seemed to favour Labor and seemed to be just another left-wing socialist voice in our parliament.

This time he hopes to have many people elected, but one wonders how that group will be a united front seeing the candidates are from Liberal, Labor and Greens backgrounds. How do people from such diverse philosophical backgrounds expect to work together in a parliament which needs real direction and decisive management to rectify the Labor government’s massive mess?

Will we see SA-BEST disintegrate, with no real benefit to SA? Or will SA-BEST just endorse the Labor policies like before? The Liberals have not had the opportunity to do anything for 16 years to because Labor and left-leaning independents have been in power. The Australian ethos is to  give people a go. It’s time the people of SA gave the Liberals a go.

Malcolm Eglinton, Maitland

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