Your View: Influential South Australians

THE Advertiser recently published a list of 100 South Australians who in the paper’s view are the most significant and influential people in our state.

I am sure those who compiled the list within The Advertiser thought carefully about who was included. Having reviewed this list, and having had it vetted by others, I struggle to find anyone who lives and works in regional SA.

I understand 22 per cent of the state’s population lives in rural SA.

People from rural SA feed the population of Adelaide, help clothe the population of Adelaide, produce a significant amount of the raw materials used to build Adelaide, and produce a significant amount of the energy that powers Adelaide.

In short, the regions of SA sustain Adelaide.

Despite this, it would appear very few people who live and work in rural SA can make the list of 100 significant and influential people as compiled by people in Adelaide.

I believe this reflects the view of our state Labor government, otherwise it would have commented on this list.

One group in SA understands the importance of regional SA to the health and the wealth of this state.  That is Steven Marshall and his Liberal team, which spends a considerable amount of time visiting the various regions throughout the state.

Barney McCusker, Mt Gambier

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