Your View: Gratitude

MY neighbour told me about someone she was so grateful to. The definition of gratitude, or at least mine, is a positive emotion arising from an enjoyable experience. In order to be grateful, you need to be able to recognise someone has done you a good turn.

Now the story:

My neighbour is 83 years old (young). She does not drive a car, but when it’s hot, she likes to have a cool sip of ale at night.

She walked up to the street, did a little shopping, then popped over to the Royal Exchange Hotel bottle department and asked for two cans of light beer.

The person at the counter remarked, “that’s going to cost a lot for just two cans. Why don’t you buy a slab, it will be a lot cheaper?” She replied, “I haven’t got a car, and in this hot weather I would look ridiculous, and feel silly carrying a carton of beer home”.

His reply, “You buy a carton and I will run you home in my car, no cost.”

That’s gratitude. Well done to Dion and his staff at the Royal Exchange Hotel, Kadina.

Len Munchenberg, Kadina

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