Your View: Planning concern

COPPER Coast Council has an excellent statutory Development Plan, which guides the orderly and economic development of land within the district and enables the proper assessment of building and all development applications.

The plan complies with the Development Act and provides a positive outlook for our district.

However, I believe the objectives and principles of the plan have been contravened by council when it granted building approval for the construction of a house at Inverness Way, Wallaroo, in the Marina Policy Area.

In approving this building application, council ignored the following principles in its plan:

  • a) The construction of “buildings to allow vistas of the marina and ocean from the public reserve and dwellings located on Lady MacDonald Drive and Barbican Close.” If allowed to proceed, I believe it will block views and set a precedent allowing other houses on that street to block the views.
  • b) “Front fence should be of a see-through nature.” Even before approval a brick fence/retaining wall was installed and should be removed.
  • c) Must be “four metres from rear boundary.” Is not.
  • d) Dwellings should “be developed by the cutting of the allotment in preference to filling.” I have witnessed the importation of fill on this block.

Why did council devise, pay for and adopt a Development Plan only to ignore the rules?

In this case, I believe the approval should be revoked immediately, the building works stopped and a new application consistent with all aspects of the Development Plan be considered.

Peter Boaden, Wallaroo

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