Your View: Think about your vote

IN response to Robert Brokenshire MLC (Strong leadership, YPCT 5-12-17) I couldn’t agree more.

“SA benefits best from smaller parties in the Upper House that have a strong principled watchdog approach to keep the government of the day focused and honest.” However, the last thing SA needs is the same scenario in the House of Assembly.

Voters will need to look for strong, stable government in the future since we have been subjected to one bungle after another with the current Labor government. The TAFE debacle being the latest. Narungga residents need to understand TAFE is so important in our region.

We need new direction and leadership and I believe this can only be effectively achieved with the return of a clear majority Liberal government through our local candidate, Fraser Ellis, and held to account by a robust and diverse Upper House and not by the Xenophon group which would only destabilise good government.

However attractive Mr Xenophon may be with his populist views and the headlines the media thrives on, I urge voters to do some research. You can’t be sure where your vote will go when you support a minor party in the House of Assembly. If Mr Xenophon has a plan or vision for our region he might have at least announced a candidate. The election is only 12 weeks away.

It has been pleasing to see Fraser Ellis, the Liberal candidate, put forward well planned and costed policies addressing the concerns of ours and other regions of SA. Issues such as the dreadful state of our regional roads, restoring regional health services and easing the costs of living are being addressed by Fraser and the Liberal Party.

G. Hancock, Moonta Bay

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